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Sun 16th May 16:00-18:00 UTC


In the last class, we reviewed Flight Controls and the first part of Flight Instruments, Displays. In the next class, we are going to continue with FCOM review. Join today to participate in the next virtual class. You will also be able to replay the previous classes:

FCOM REV 6 (tier-one and two)

FCOM REV 1-5 (tier-two only)

Performance (tier-two only)

Command Upgrade (tier-two only)

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The virtual classroom has been a fantastic tool to keep my knowledge current and learn new things. The classes are dictated in a very professional manner, with accurate references and at a comfortable pace. It has been a great decision to keep myself current in these particular times the aviation is going through.


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What an absolute pleasure to follow Petr through the Virtual Classes. Petr makes it fun, keeps you sharp and I felt motivated watching this guy. Pour up a cup of coffee, lean back and enjoy the sessions.


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It’s a great experience to follow Petr's webinars. He is very good in what he does and it can be seen in his classes. Always very interesting and entertaining topics, which are presented in very professional manner. I would definitely recommend it to everyone who wants to spice up their knowledge and enjoy a little moment in aviation.


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