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€14.99/ all videos


For one price you can now watch the replay of the nine Systems Review virtual classes. Each session has around two hours and offers an in-depth review of selected aircraft systems.


Virtual Classroom is a series of recorded webinars where I discuss different aircraft systems - the way I would for a type rating ground school class.

The classes serve as a technical refresher for seasoned pilots as well as system introduction for type rating students.

Technical Refresher Training

Don't want to watch the videos or read the manuals? That's not a problem!

In a six-hour live session, I will provide you with a technical refresher training where we will review the whole FCOM, simulate the systems, and talk about the recent changes.

The session will be tailored to you and your experience level.

The classes are conducted over Microsoft Teams so you don't have to travel anywhere.


Click the button below to schedule your next class, I will love to be your instructor!

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