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Interactive Classroom Training

It is our goal to provide interactive high-quality learning experience for professional pilots. Our customers love the products we make thanks to their unique features.

We now make it possible for the ATOs to purchase multi-licenses of The 737 Handbook so that your students can explore the aircraft systems interactively; individually or together in the classroom.

Why Us?

Next-Generation Training

The 737 Handbook offers a truly interactive learning experience unlike any other with simulations, videos and interactive graphics.

On top of that, pilots love our app!*

*4.8-star global rating (out of +1400 reviews)


The 737 Handbook offers cost-effective next-generation training for just 14.99€*.

*per student for six months without VAT

24/7 Support

You can sign up the whole class in minutes. We will offer instant 24/7 support to you and your students.

"We chose to team up with The 737 Handbook as it is a fantastic learning tool to support our students through their simulator training"

Scandinavian Training Academy

Manager Training

"Aviation Insider is a hub aiming bringing together the best free and paid information, products and services. The 737 Handbook in our view a prime example of a premium learning product."

Aviation Insider

Managing Director

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