Jul 22

Thoughts on 737 MAX?


First let me introduce myself, I'm an aircraft mechanic/engineer at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Type rated on the 737NG, MAX and in a couple of weeks also the 787.

I wanted to know what your thoughts and concerns are on the 737 MAX, do you feel comfortable flying it when it returns to service etc?


Hi @@NextGenerationMechanic!

This still might be a sensitive topic so I would ask anyone commenting on this to stick to the facts and avoid blame game.

I have been following the MAX recertification for a while and made couple of posts on the MCAS software update. At this point from the pilot’s point of view I am confident that the MCAS issue is fixed. On top of that EASA and Transport Canada will want to retrofit of a triple redundancy in the future. This could be achieved with third AOA or Synthetic Airspeed (as on 787).

It's not my intention to blame anyone (manufacturers/airlines) with this question.

I would be comfortable to fly with the MAX again. I think at this point it is the best investigated aircraft type. Is it already known what they are gonna do? The 3rd AOA vane is not the desired option I think?

Jul 24Edited: Jul 24

The 737 max is an incredible aircraft. Great performance, state of the art technology and very efficient. Although there might have been some trouble on the way MCAS used to be triggered (only one AoA input was sufficient) and how much information was delivered to the pilots, I believe once these things are dealt, which they’ve already been, by FAA and Boeing it will be an awesome airplane. I’m definitely looking forward to its return!