Jul 24, 2020

Technical Differences of the 800BCF:

Hi, Guys. Does anyone operates a 737-800BCF? What whould be the main Normal, Non-Normal and Systems Differences, please? Best Regards!

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Hi @Pablo Farias Dezontini and welcome to The 737 Handbook forum.

I actually do not have any reference material to the 737-800BCF. But the two main differences will be:

  1. Main Deck Cargo Door and hydraulic door control

  2. Main Deck Cargo Fire (Smoke) Detection

Among other differences will be:

Plugged cabin windows

Removed aft lavatory

Reinforced main deck floor beams

Modified main deck air distribution with added shut-off valves

For NNC, there will be additional checklists for Main Deck Cargo Door and Main Deck Cargo Fire (smoke).

FCTM contains special manoeuvre called Expedited Descent for Freighter Aeroplanes as Main Deck does not have cargo fire suppression (FCTM 7.8-7.10)

Even though this is not the full list of differences, I hope that it is at least a bit informative:)