Jan 5

Loss of both engine driven gen on takeoff roll ...what should I do ? Reject or continue?


Hi Ashraful,

QRH MAN 1.2 lists all the items for which the take-off should be rejected.

Below 80 knots take-off shall be rejected as the loss of both engine driven generators meets the following conditions - system failure, activation of master caution.

Above 80 knots and prior to V1 the QRH lists following conditions for RTO:

- fire or fire warning

- engine failure

- predictive windshear warning

- if the airplane is unsafe or unable to fly

Loss of both engine driven generators doesn't meet the conditions, unless the commander deems this failure "unsafe or unable to fly". This comes down to the split second risk assessment that the commander will need to do on the take-off.

In my opinion this failure doesn't meet the unsafe or unable to fly condition.

- Petr

Moreover the anti skid will be partially inop including auto brake ...as well as speed brake do not come automatically....so continue take off will be more convenient. Anything you want to add on it ..?