Aug 7, 2020
Edited: Aug 7, 2020

Hello pilot colleagues (B737CL/NG) In case of double engine failure (with the APU u/s), how can I operate flaps, landing gear and spoilers?


Hi Soren,

In this very rare scenario, you lose all HYD pressure (EDP - Engine Driven, EMDP - Need AC Power).

Your spoilers will not work, neither will the rudder. You will have manual reversion on ailerons and elevator with manual trim

You can lower the landing gear manually.

Finally, your flaps won't work either. Your normal flaps are powered by HYD B which you do not have or alternate flaps (STBY HYD + Electrical Power ) which you don't have either. (STBY EMDP and ALT TE Flap Motor is powered by AC XFR bus 2)

By the time I posted you answered as well.

I thought the rudder would be operating!

So the Flaps aren't available. You have standby hyd and electrical power from battery?

@Matthieu Lambinet The standby HYD EMDP is powered by AC XFR bus 2 which you don't have:)

@Petr Smejkal miss read my notes I guess, we have the 1. Thanks


If I'm note mistaken :

_ Landing gear uses gravity.

_ Flaps will use AC X BYS 2, so standby power.

_ Spoilers will be lost.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.