Aug 2, 2020

Selecting CON at cruise level

I see this European operator now wants the crew to select CON at cruise.

I do see the benefits to give them added thrust incase they get into the speed unstable region or back of the drag curve, during turb or manoeuvring in excess 10* AOB.

What you guys think? why does Boeing even have CRZ as the thrust mode then?


Mormin, Vernon. Sorry, but I did not follow you. There’s any Bulletin? is that because of the Emergency Airworthiness Directive? Could you please explain more?

Hi Vernon,

Selecting CON or CLB thrust in cruise gives the A/T extra thrust available and can be quite useful during turbulence or wind shift as you say. As far as I know, quite a few airlines include this procedure at TOC when above the optimum altitude.