Nov 12, 2020

Seat not staying upright. Full a/c no maintenance. No Go?

Dear colleague,

In the command Book there is an exemple of Seat 2D will not stay upright. As it is a good example which solutions would you suggest?

check Mel 25.6

- if there is mx and timely available call maintenance which is easiest.

but if no maintenance:

reseat pax and check if enought space for return flight not to have pax seated at that place?

What about if the aircraft is full and no maintenance? Then is it a “no go”?

Thanking you in advance for your expertis!

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Hi Arthur,

That's a good question. Most of the times the maintenance is not able to fix this during the turnaround and they secure the seat in the upright position (25-06-01A; note your MEL reference may differ)

If there is no maintenance available, you can place the seat under MEL25-06 Passenger Seat(s). There is no (M) procedure so commander may defer this. NOTE 3: Affected seat(s) may include seat(s) behind and/or adjacent outboard

seats. In this case 2D and 3DEF (as the reclined 2D is blocking the row behind).

You can dispatch with the MEL 25-06 but you need to reseat the passengers. If there is not enough space, you either have to wait for the maintenance to place it on 25-06-01A or offload some passengers.

This decision would be done together with OPS and Maintenance support.

I hope this helps:)

- Petr

Nov 12, 2020

Dear Petr,

Thank you so much for this clear answer.

Kind regards,