Jul 31, 2020

Good afternoon, what do you think, when you stop takeoff, RTO ,is it necessary to release the runway and then execute QRH or release it afte

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Jul 31, 2020

Good afternoon Valeriy! My point of view it depends on the RTO reason. If evacuation is going to be next I think best place to do it is runway. if it was reject takeoff due ATC command its other way.


Hi @Valeriy Strelin!

As @Rinat Rizautdinov says. It depends on whether it is an emergency or not.

I would always stop on the runway, identity the problem. Then if it is not an emergency and the aircraft is able to vacate, vacate the runway.

In case of high speed RTO the brakes might catch on fire and you will need to stay put for the fire fighters to arrive.


This is our procedure too. Stop, assess the situation and then eventually vacate the runway. Nevertheless it's far from a priority and it makes sense. In mayday situation, would you let someone land before you because you are a kind person and don't want to block the runway.