Aug 21, 2020

Welcome to Command Upgrade! Community Rules

I decided to launch this forum topic as a supplement to the Command Upgrade series in The 737 Handbook app. This is a place where you can share your questions regarding the command upgrade or give suggestions to the command upgrade series! Please read the community rules before you post your first topic:)

Community Rules:

  • Always treat others with kindness and respect, even if you don’t agree with them

  • Do not post copyrighted media (photos, videos)

  • Stay on topic, don’t intentionally derail threads, don’t troll, don’t spam

  • Use appropriate language

  • Do not intentionally insult or offend others

  • We don’t tolerate hate speech, abusive language, intimidation, harassment, sexual, racial, or ethnic slurs, and discrimination

Users who don't obey the community rules will be banned from the forum and their posts removed.