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    You have airspeed unreliable, you perform the approach to land, but due to false high speed indication it is impossible to extend flaps (Flap load relief) beyond F5 (SFP) or 25 (Non SFP) what to do in that situation? Is it advisable to use alternate flaps to extend flaps up to landing flaps (30/40)?
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    Good morning everyone, hope this question won't be the 1 million dollar one. Ptu description says that for automatic operation we have to be airborne, sys b engine driven pump pressure drops below limits and in case of non short field performance flaps have to be less than 15 but not up. So, let's imagine that we are on final and we have eng 2 failure with flaps 40. All the conditions mentioned above are satisfied, but with the exception of the flaps, so how come we are able to retract the flaps to 15 (in case we need to, for performance considerations), if PTU is not working automatically? Thank you
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    Imagine you get stick shaker and reactive WS warning at the same time. What is your course of action?